About Us

About Kaumudi

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give genuine handloom clothing the most contemporary look so that more and more people buy handloom, there by creating livelihoods and artisan empowerment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach at least 25% of every wardrobe which will open a new dimension in the lives of the handlooms weavers. Handloom clothing enhance health quotient. By embracing handlooms we indulge in good earth practices and kind of pay invisible taxes for using earth’s resources.

Our Passion

Restore, Revive, Retain

These are the 3 magical R’s which drive Kaumudi. They tell our customers how much we work to restore our national art of weaving and revive the artisans i.e., the weavers. We will retain the art of handloom clothing and strive to develop it.

Our Skills

Textile and Clothing Design
Handloom / Khadi
Personal Styling
Research and Development
Personal Horoscope weaving

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About Kaumudi

Kaumudi means “The one which the earth loves”.

Every culture gives a lot of opportunity to incorporate good earth practices in daily living. Kaumudi Studio is working hard to bring back the weaving traditions of India in their true spirit to match the needs of today’s consumer.

Kaumudi Studio has  a unique range of cotton, 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed – Khadi and handloom clothing. This can bring in our weaving to the global consumer in a fair ethical trade supply chain route. This also means that the products are original and authentic.

Our mission is to create awareness among the consumers to try khadi, handloom, and organic cotton with pride and ease.

In buying these products, you as a consumer, are directly contributing in support and promotion of sustainable weaving tradition and design of India.

KaumudiThe Earth Studio  is located in Hyderabad, India.

What we can do for you

Personal Styling


Wardrobe Revamp

Personal Horoscope Weaving

Design Consultancy

Reviving / Recreating Textiles

Dr. Sharmila Nagraj Nandula


Dr. Sharmila Nagraj Nandula has extensive experience in the world of fashion and textiles. She has over 25 years experience in academics, retail and industry.

She is the director at the Woxsen School of Arts and Design, Hyderabad.  She has served as Associate Professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad. She has also worked in Kohls, Cold Water Creek , and Philip Wayne Design Studio in USA.

She has closely worked with hand loom sector and her PhD opening new realms for textiles and fashion.

One of her collections “Fashtrology” is an exciting combination of naturally dyed hand looms and astrology.

She is the founder of Kaumudi Studio in Hyderabad which nurtures and nourishes grass root technology in hand loom and hand crafted products under the label “Kaumudi – Proudly Made In India”.