Journeys Of Life - Handloom

Journeys of life


Life’s journey is amazing.


Celebrating so many things through this picture.


I went to Ramappa temple for the first time when I was in 9th std. It was our high school excursion to Warangal.
It was good architecture WOW carvings and cool place to cool heals was the feeling at the time and this time when we went to this place it seemed liked I wanted to live there forever.

What workmanship, insanity in the name of detailing, every stone had a story every tile had a tale ……Phew


I was wearing this Double Ikat Duppatta which when put beside the stone started whispering an interesting narrative. My time with Ikat has been like a love story. Those long bus rides from the Imlibun bus stand (Secunderabad) to the dusty rocky roads of Puttapaka, Siripuram, Yellanki taking us to the weaving families.


Too much has changed since then.


These experiences have brought me to a platform where I see #handloom and #handcrafted textile as precious as any temple, monument or ancient architecture.


Its great to be in a country where you see art in everyday life and people are living so close to it.


Journeys of life ……take you through the journey of life so gracefully when you have such things embedded !!!