Making Up Of Fabric

Creating an atmosphere near the LOOM

The warp is set and the fabric is ready to weave

and  so is in place is the weaver…ready for a conscious workout!

The cling of the shuttle making musical sooth of a ti..ti…….on its travel from one end to the other end, to insert the weft yarn for making the fabric.

The tapping of the legs to push the peddle up-and-down. Oh!!! The magic of Coordination.  Yes now both the hands are also involved… along with both the legs.

The Right hand is drawing the threads to be lifted and the left one to beat the yarns to get closer, while the yarns mindfully overlap and get locked.

Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, the fabric weaves itself into an inch-by-inch colourful vibrance.


Anusha Bikumala

Designer, Kaumudi Studio


Restore, Revive, Retain

These are the 3 magical R’s which drive Kaumudi.  They tell our customers how much we work to RESTORE our national art of weaving and REVIVE the artisans  i.e., the weavers.  We will RETAIN the art and strive to develop it.

It was very common to see people in cotton handlooms and khadi weaves in our ancestors time.  But now that tradition is slowly dying.  To see a person in handllom has become a rare pleasure.  This is why we need to restore this tradition and make sure it is once again part of India.

There are many skilled artisans in our country.  They have the potential to weave wonders and have magic in their hands.  They have their looms, which they use to put their magic on the fabric.  But they are not appreciated.  They are not given the respect they deserve.  Instead they are shunned aside and called upon when there is some other work to do.  Their magic is used in labor, working in construction sites and lifting heavy weights. They are slowly losing hope.  This is why we are striving to revive them, to make them once again sit on the loom and work their magic.

Once we have achieved our goal [we are 100% sure we will!], we will retain it, make sure that they do not lose hope again.  We must all put a helping hand and help our friends.

All our products are handmade.  They are slowly bringing hope to our artisans.


This is our part. 




Mayukh Nandula

24th July, 2014

DAV Public School Miyapur.

VIII Grade.

Beating UV rays, Naturally


Metro India

July 23, 2014

The best combination to protect from ultra violet rays is natural fabric and natural dye.

The extracts from the natural resources have their own ability to fight with the (UV) rays. The range of protect varies from fabric to fabric. The ultra violet protection factor increases depending on the fabric. The dark hue and high colour concentration of colourate increases the ultra violet protection.


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Beating UV Rays Naturally

The best combination to protect from ultra violet (UV) rays is natural fabric and natural dye.

Being Celebrity For A Moment

Metro India

July 21, 2014

We are striving to give the best product to consumers at the affordable price

Everybody likes to become a celebrity at least for a moment. For such lovers, the 6 degree set up a pop up store at Jubilee Hills in the city, where three branding companies participated and selected some people to walk the ramp.

This is first of its kind of event where three branding companies have come together to give the consumers a new experience. Kaumudi Studio by Dr Sharmila Nagraj Nandula, Hyderabad with its men’s and women’s handloom and handcrafted clothing, Studio Kassa by Aarushi and Arpan, Mumbai with its unique leather bags, Brahma Karma by Swati, Jaipur with its men’s women’s and children’s garments have come together with professionals to organise the programme.


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Being celebrity for a momemt.

Being celebrity for a momemt.