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We have really lived experiments with truth. The truth about fiber, yarn, fabric, colour and weaving. If Gandhi ji could write a book on ” my experiments with truth” we understand the magnitude of things that go with it. We experienced a portion of …such tornadoes and roller coatsers as we embarked the journey with the truth of Indian Khadi and hand looms.

We celebrated him and his reality experiment with the truth of fabric making. And today we are richer in experience and deeper in understanding of the truth behind all that is done well, done with consciousness- produces fabrics with conscious core.

K for Khadi

We have arrived at some of the finest of organic cottons and it’s blends with other natural earth friendly and humans friendly fiber blends. We are really happy to have contributed to the fair and living wages to weavers, helpers around the loom, dyeing and pre looming. We have been able to source every bit around the local area making it the least carbon foot print product. When we say that it goes without saying that we have given work to the people who have the knowhow, who are willing to work in what they know best and do best.

Let me formally introduce you to Kaumudi – The green Earth Studio:
Dream foundation for Khadi, hand loom, socio-eco and sustainable design projects. We are happy that we stumbled upon some great work from artisans and designers and we saw the same consciousness in them.

Kaumudi Studio will be striving to give consumer the best product at the best price with the guarantee that their buying power is empowering artisans of the local area and in the larger gamut friends from all over the country.

Consciousness In Creating Fabric

There are countless number of People who work with us. They come and contribute in making the fabric of life with us. Some become an alphabet, some the word/s, some a line, some a sentence, some a paragraph, some a page, some a chapter and some became the book. Each of them is important and dear to us for their ability to contribute and not to contribute. It makes our book profound. We are sure we will be meeting some wonderful souls along our journey further. So far we have been blessed to have met so many of you who followed our work and encouraged us in various capacities. We look forward to all the wishes and blessing as we step into a new day in your presence.
Ladies and gentle men Kaumudi – The Green Earth studio awaits you with open arms.

Dr. Sharmila Nagraj Nandula