Super Ikat - Pochampally Ikat

Pochampally Ikat – Super Ikat

Pochampally Saree also known as Pochampally Ikat Saree or simply Pochampally Ikat (or Pochampalli Ikat), is a saree made in and smaller villages around Pochampally, which is in Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India.

The popularity of these traditional Ikat saree comes with the unique style of their yarn tie and dye.  The weavers can make a simple ikat to a complex double Ikat Sarees, dress materials, yardages.

Pochampally, traditionally been a place market place, where all the weavers from smaller villages all around would come with their hand crafted collection of sarees and sell.  Not long ago villages like Puttapaka used to be a place filled with such handloom weavers.  Now, with the increasing costs and limited sales on Handlooms, these weavers are moving away from their family tradition and trying to get into another fields for their survival.

There are still few  weavers working very hard to keep the tradition going.  With the intrusion of power looms and screen printing, which can replicate the simple and double Ikat material, you can find the replicas of Ikat at a very low cost.  Having used to look at these replicas and prices, it difficult to accept the fact that the actual handloom Ikat textiles are much more premium products and hence expensive too.

We, at Kaumudi Studio, are trying to identify these masters of such  weaves  and motivate and encourage them to keep the tradition going.  Our premium collection of Ikat Sarees are from such weavers and hence are very limited.

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