We have really lived experiments with truth. The truth about fiber, yarn, fabric, colour and weaving. If Gandhi ji could write a book on ” my experiments with truth” we understand the magnitude of things that go with it. We experienced a portion of …such tornadoes and roller coatsers as we embarked the journey with the truth of Indian Khadi and hand looms.

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Civilization And Social Changes

As human civilization we had been ruled, oppressed and abused for hundreds of years. Each country has its own history of such events cutting across all segments of society. The moment now in the history of human existence is the most apt time for social change. There is the best of everything available to make an impact more powerful than ever. Social change is about letting people live their lives in the environment which is most dear to them with dignity.

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Why should we use handloom?

Benefits of Handloom

Handloom weaving had the inherent ability to imbibe positive energy into the products. Our research proved that there is a definite improvement in health parameters when handloom cotton is worn for longer periods of time. The eebrgy field enhances as lot of slow processes and conscious processes positive energy is imbibed in the product which passes on to the wearer. This kind of clothing can be used to reduce stress  as by nature is very soothing to  the wearer. This not only will create a balance in one’s life but can also enhance productivity in people and detox them to keep them away from stress related ailments which are so common in today’s world.

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Restore, Revive, Retain

These are the 3 magical R’s which drive Kaumudi.  They tell our customers how much we work to RESTORE our national art of weaving and REVIVE the artisans  i.e., the weavers.  We will RETAIN the art and strive to develop it.

It was very common to see people in cotton handlooms and khadi weaves in our ancestors time.  But now that tradition is slowly dying.  To see a person in handllom has become a rare pleasure.  This is why we need to restore this tradition and make sure it is once again part of India.

There are many skilled artisans in our country.  They have the potential to weave wonders and have magic in their hands.  They have their looms, which they use to put their magic on the fabric.  But they are not appreciated.  They are not given the respect they deserve.  Instead they are shunned aside and called upon when there is some other work to do.  Their magic is used in labor, working in construction sites and lifting heavy weights. They are slowly losing hope.  This is why we are striving to revive them, to make them once again sit on the loom and work their magic.

Once we have achieved our goal [we are 100% sure we will!], we will retain it, make sure that they do not lose hope again.  We must all put a helping hand and help our friends.

All our products are handmade.  They are slowly bringing hope to our artisans.


This is our part. 




Mayukh Nandula

24th July, 2014

DAV Public School Miyapur.

VIII Grade.