Handloom Clothing

Why should we use handloom?

Benefits of Handloom

Handloom weaving had the inherent ability to imbibe positive energy into the products. Our research proved that there is a definite improvement in health parameters when handloom cotton is worn for longer periods of time. The eebrgy field enhances as lot of slow processes and conscious processes positive energy is imbibed in the product which passes on to the wearer. This kind of clothing can be used to reduce stress  as by nature is very soothing to  the wearer. This not only will create a balance in one’s life but can also enhance productivity in people and detox them to keep them away from stress related ailments which are so common in today’s world.

More information and awareness of clothing like this will make more conscious and healthy people inhabiting the globe along with all its grandeur of flora and fauna.

Social and Economic

There is lot of development in India in many fields. For example:

  • Science and Technology
  • Health and Medicine
  • Space research
  • Nano Technologies

….to name a few. And we have gone far ahead in all these fields.

But, there is no major development with the handloom weavers. Neither their life styles have improved nor the economic conditions.

There are lot of programs happening  for the encouragement of the weavers; by the government, NGOS, various designers, and other organisations which by far are not improving the living conditions of the weavers.

Most of these weavers are not aware of  the government programs run for their benefit. Also, the benefit doesn’t penetrate  all levels depriving them of  fair wage.

When there is good awareness of the source, quality, and benefits of handlooms, I am sure everyone would strive to revive our age old tradition of  handloom clothing. This would generate more demand for handlooms / handloom integrated clothing, which will surely improve the economic conditions of our weavers. Also, weavers will find a reason to pass on their art to the coming generations.

What we do:

Team work

Kaumudi Studio is a team work.  Our team is not just limited to the people who are working at  the studio, but extended to the handloom weavers, artisans – Kalahasti Kalamkari, Pedana Kalamkari, Hand Block Printers from Rajasthan, Gujarat – Ajrak,  Ikat -Hyderabad., etc.  We try to connect the wearer and the weaver for a delightful bond between the rural and the urban.07

Fair Wage

Weaving is an art, it is a craft it involves science and technology. A weaver is the most learned craftsmen’s. He should be paid fair wage for creating something which is made painstakingly day after day. We at Kaumudi Studio make the weaver feel proud of his creation by giving him his due recognition and  wage so that he comes back to the loom with more zeal and more connection to the piece he is weaving.

Dr. Sharmila Nagraj Nandula